To update or change the location or site of your reservation on Reserve America, use these steps:
  1. From, click Sign In or Sign Up in top right
  2. Type User Name and Password to Sign In
  3. Click Current Reservations
  4. Click See Detail button for appropriate reservation
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  1. On the right of Site Details section, click Change Reservation
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  1. Click Change Date/Transfer to Another Site
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  1. Enter Site Number to Search or Pick one from Similar Available Sites
    • Note: Some sites do not allow transfer. An orange error message will appear: Site Transfer is not allowed at this time
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  1. Both options update site and Availability Grid
  2. (Optional) Update Arrival date or duration of stay
    • Note: Dates will default to date of current reservation
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  1. Click Book these Dates
  2. Confirm Reservation Details
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  1. (Optional) Update Equipment or Site Occupants
  2. Read Know Before You Go
  3. Check Yes, I have read and understood this important information
  4. Click Continue
  5. If new reservation has higher price, enter Payment Information
  6. Click Confirm