Auto-Process One:

The purpose of this automated process is to capture any contributions entered that are attributed to a fund/sub fund combination, within the date-range of the pledge drive, regardless of contribution level (household/individual) and associate these contribution records to a Pledge Drive.

Things to consider:

  • The business rule is to search for any contribution in the system based on the fact that the fund/sub fund combination matches an existing pledge drive's fund.sub fund combination and the received date of the contribution falls within the date-range or the Pledge Drive.
  • When those contributions have been identified, the system will automatically attribute the contributions to the Pledge Drive.
  • The automated process will by-pass any contribution that has already been associated with a Pledge Drive.
  • This process will run every 15 minutes so it is not instantaneous.
  • If you have more than one Pledge Drive and the Dates/Funds/or Sub-Funds overlap, the process will only be able to attribute to one of the Pledge Drives in question.
  • The household or individual giving the contribution in question does not have to have a pledge on record for this procedure to update the contribution.
  • Auto-Process Two:

The purpose of Auto-Process Two is the same as the purpose for Auto-Process One with the following distinctions:

  • In order for Auto-Process Two to work properly, a Pledge must be on record for the contributor, either at the household or individual level.
  • The system will verify that the contribution in question is at the same level of any Pledges that the household/individual have on record.
  • The system will verify that the received date of the contribution falls within the date range of the Pledge not the Pledge Drive.
You can find additional information about the Auto-Processes here in our Online Help

How to enable Auto-Process.

Please follow these steps in order to setup an automated process for associating giving with your Pledge Drive.

  1. Submit a support ticket to F1 support either through the Customer Portal or by emailing
  2. Tell us the name of the Pledge drive
  3. Tell us which Auto-Process you would like to have enabled


  • You can indicate that you wish the Auto-Process of your choice to be selected for ALL pledge drives, keep in mind that any new pledge drive you create will be selected for this process. We strongly recommend that you ensure your pledge drive dates, fund, sub-funds do not overlap with a current pledge drive.
  • When auto processor is turned on, it will update any contribution that is 30 days old or less with the correct pledge drive based on the rules above.
  • If you need contributions that are older than 30 days to be updated, please request that in a support ticket.