Below are instructions to create a new ACTIVE Giving Donation Campaign after logging into ACTIVE Giving and selecting a campaign from the drop-down - doing so brings you to the My ActiveGiving HQ tab.

1. Click Customize My Webpage
2. Scroll down to the Add an Image box
3. Click Upload Images
Note: To select an image that you uploaded previously, select it from the drop-down list, then proceed to step 9
4. A new window will appear - click Choose File or Select File (this depends on your browser)
Note: Logos must be in JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) or GIF (.gif) format
Note: Image dimensions should not exceed 300px (pixels) wide
Note: File size must be less than 30k (kilobytes)
5. Locate the file on your machine and double-click on it
6. Click Upload
7. A confirmation message will appear stating that your image was uploaded - click OK
8. You will see a preview of your image within the Add an Image box
9. Click save & finish
10. A confirmation message will appear in red stating: You have successfully saved your campaign details.