Below are instructions to create a new ACTIVE Giving Donation Campaign after logging into ACTIVE Giving and selecting a campaign from the drop-down - doing so brings you to the My ActiveGiving HQ tab.

1. Visit
2. Click Create Your Campaign
Note: If you have not logged into your Passport account, you will be prompted to login on the subsequent screen
3. On the Setup Beneficiary Information screen, establish the following fields:
Note: All fields are required unless marked as optional
- Organization Information
- Organization Name
Note: The Organization Name will be used when ACTIVE issues donation payments to you - you must use a true organization name (not an individual's name)
Note: ACTIVE must approve your campaign before you may accept donations (if you use an individual's name, your donation campaign will be rejected)
- Federal Tax Number (optional)
- Website (optional)
- Accounting Information
- Make checks payable to
- Address 1
- Address 2
- City
- Country
- State/Province or Other
- Zip/Postal Code
- Contact Information
- First Name
- Last Name
- Phone
- Fax (optional)
- Email
4. Click on click to continue >>
5. On the Design Your Campaign Web Page screen, establish the following fields:
- Title
- Create your web address (no spaces)
Note: The web address will appear as
6. Review the Service Agreement section (Fees and Agreement), check the I Agree box to accept terms
7. Click on click to continue >>
8. The Customize Your Campaign Web Page screen will appear, scroll to the bottom and click save & finish

Note: Please refer to the Customize Welcome Message article for additional details