Below are instructions to request that other administrators/event directors/organizers are added to your listings, or to request that a new administrator should take over for an existing administrator on your listing after logging into Registration Center.

NOTE: User submitting request must already be an existing administrator on listing in question and must use email address associated to his/her ACTIVE Passport account
NOTE: If not an administrator, ask an existing administrator to submit this request

1. Visit Contact Us form
2. Within What's your question? field, enter the following (as needed):
- Add new administrator (Name, Email Address) to Event Name(s)/Listing ID(s)
- Request to transfer administrator access to (Name, Email Address) for Event Name(s)/Listing ID(s)
3. Click Send

NOTE: If current administrators cannot access Search/Edit Registrations, request permissions by contacting support
NOTE: All transfer requests are subject to final approval by an Account Manager, if need be support may also contact existing administrator/organizer