Below are instructions to add, edit, or reorder answer options on a particular question on your listing after logging into Registration Center.

1. Expand Customization
2. Click Questions
3. Scroll down to the list of custom questions, click Edit next to the question you wish to adjust
4. The Edit Question wizard will open into a pop-up window - click Next to initiate the question edit process
5. Click Next until you reach the Define Answers screen
6a. Click < new answer > to add another option
6b. Select an existing Answer Option to make changes (by editing the answer option name, price, etc.)
6c. Select an existing Answer Option and click on the directional arrows to re-order the option (move up or down on the list)
7. Click Next
8. Adjust the Header Export value (that will appear within Excel) if needed, click Next
9. Check boxes to associate question with categories, click Finish

Note: A pop-up will appear confirming that the question was created, click OK
Note: You will return to the main Questions screen