Below are details about the various roles and the respective access/abilities.

Administrator Access & Abilities:
The primary administrator is the main contact and has full control to manage events within volunteer module. This user can create all jobs, manage groups, and assign jobs to group leaders and coordinators. This user can turn the module on and off. Administrators can use all available tools - run reports, download, email, enter volunteers offline, print information, etc.

Volunteer Coordinators Access & Duties:
The volunteer coordinator manages certain jobs - this user logs in through a specific URL where he/she selects his/her name from a list and enters a password. Coordinators may only email, download, view, and print information for the volunteers that have signed up for jobs that the coordinator manages. This user cannot change information or enter offline volunteers.

Group Leaders Access & Duties:
The group leader may visit the specific URL to setup groups. This user is in charge of answering a few questions about the group and selecting a password that the entire group will use when signing up/joining. The group leader can select which jobs their group should be assigned to (the Administrator can also select jobs for the group). Once at least one job is selected, the group leader has the ability to enter volunteers offline for his/her group only. This user can also direct the rest of their group to visit the specific URL allowing group members to select the group, enter a password, and subsequently sign up to volunteer with their group.