Below are instructions to change the name, change the registration prices (cost), and change the close date for categories on your listing after logging into Registration Center.

1. Expand Registration Categories
2. Expand a particular Category folder
3. Click Price/Close Dates folder
4. The Categories Administration screen allows you to edit the category name, prices, and close dates

Note: RegCenter only uses Pacific Time, so please adjust based on your local time zone if needed


6. Click Save Settings

Add a Price Increase

Below are instructions to add a price increase on a particular category:

1. Click Add Price
2. Within the newly added Price 2 fields, apply the needed price increase and establish the date and time
3. Click Save Settings


Note: Price 1 should end before Price 2 takes effect, Price 2 should end before Price 3 takes effect, etc.
Note: You may also delete a price from this screen, however we do not recommend deleting prices if users have already registered for that price - instead, refer to the Add, Copy, Edit, Delete Registration Category article