Below are instructions to associate an ACTIVE Giving or GuideStar donation campaign to your listing after logging into Registration Center. This function allows you to collect donations from participants during the online registration process.

Associate a GuideStar Donation Campaign (RECOMMENDED)
1. Expand Collect Donations
2. Click Collect Donations
3. Click the green and white plus sign to display the search box (this integrated will perform a search for an approved 501(c)3 charity within the GuideStar database)
Note: You may search for charities by Name, EIN (Employer Identification Number) Number, or Location


4. Click Search
5. A Charity Search overlay box will appear displaying charities based on your search - if you see the charity you wish to use, click on the Org Name
Note: If you do not see the charity you were looking for, we recommend performing another search (if this also proves unsuccessful, visit to perform a more comprehensive search


6. An information box will appear including more details about the charity in question - if this is the correct charity, click Select
7. A confirmation box will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to select this charity, click OK
8. The screen will refresh with a new Donation forms already associated with this event box appearing at the top
Note: The integration with GuideStar automatically creates a new ACTIVE Giving Donation Campaign associated to the selected charity


9. There is no need to contact support as the donation question appears on the registration form automatically as shown below
Note: Please review the Preview Registration Form article for details on previewing these changes


Note: The following steps for ACTIVE Giving are based on associating an existing donation campaign to your Registration Center listing - if you do not have a campaign created yet, please refer to the Create New Donation Campaign article

Associate an ACTIVE Giving Donation Campaign
1. Expand Collect Donations
2. Click Collect Donations
3. Within the Already accepting donations through ActiveGiving? section, enter the custom web address for your campaign
Note: The custom web address appears as
4. Click Add


5. The screen will refresh with a new Donation forms already associated with this event box appearing at the top
6. Contact support to associate your campaign to the online registration process