Below are instructions to create, edit, or delete email templates on your campaign after logging into ACTIVE Giving and selecting a campaign from the drop-down - doing so brings you to the My ActiveGiving HQ tab.

1. Click Send Email
2. Click Create, Edit Templates
Note: The Template Center will open into a new pop-up window
3. On Create your Email Template screen, ensure the following fields are populated:
a. Template Name
b. Template Subject
c. Template Message
4. Check Share this template with my fundraisers box
5. Click save template


6. Screen refreshes showing new template listed within Edit/Copy Email Templates box


7. Click Template Name to make edits (within top section)
8. Click save template to make additional changes

Note: While you may share templates that you create within fundraisers, it is not possible to force fundraisers to use a particular template

9. Click delete next to a custom template to remove it

Note: It is not possible to delete the default Donation & Fundraiser Solicitation Email templates