Below are instructions to create a fundraising page on your campaign after logging into ACTIVE Giving and selecting a campaign from the drop-down - doing so brings you to the My ActiveGiving HQ tab.

1. Within the My ActiveGiving Center box, click Fundraising Management
2. Click Create a Fundraising Page
3. Within the New Fundraising Participant box, establish the following fields:
a. Participant Information
i. First Name
ii. Last Name
iii. Email
iv. Send a welcome email to this participant
Note: The welcome email includes a username, password, and instructions on how to access the fundraising page
Note: Creating a fundraising page manually will not allow you to associate an existing Passport account - this action creates brand new login credentials that only allows access to the fundraising page in question (to use an Passport account, have the participant sign up as a fundraiser on your primary campaign page)
b. Team Information
i. Is this a team page
Note: By selecting No, the subsequent two fields will become greyed out
ii. Automatically create a Team Captain Page for this participant in addition to the team page
iii. Custom Team Title
4. Click save this fundraising page
5. A confirmation page will appear including the following details:
a. Fundraiser Name
b. Fundraising Page URL
Note: URL appears as
c. Username
d. Password
e. A link to create another fundraising page, if needed
6. Once you have saved these details (if needed), click return to main