Below are instructions to create groups as an administrator and as a group leader after logging into Volunteer Module.

Create Group - Administrator:
The administrator may also add groups manually using the following steps.

1. From the Vol. Home screen, click Groups
2. Click Add Volunteer Group
3. Enter a required Group Name and complete the following optional fields, as needed:
- Address
- City
- State
- Postal Code
- Country
- Daytime Phone Number
- Evening Phone Number
4. Click add
5. You will reach the group edit screen - please refer to the Change Group Leader article for additional details

Create Group - Group Leader:
We recommend having the intended group leader create his/her own group - this saves the primary administrator time.

1. Visit the Create a Volunteer Group page
2a. If the user is already logged in, he/she may create a new group
2b. If the user is not logged in (or does not have an account yet), he/she will need to login (or create a new account)
3. Complete the Create a Volunteer Group form:
Note: All fields are required unless specific otherwise
4. Click Add the Above Group


5. Once complete, a confirmation screen appears showing the group name, password, and a link for members to join


6. Groups leaders should login to (and bookmark) the Group Leaders Home
Note: This link is also accessible to administrators from User Screens