Below are instructions to download registrations to Excel from your listing after Logging into Registration Center.
  • Note: These download tools do not function properly using Google Chrome, so we recommend using Internet Explorer - if a different browser is unavailable, we recommend using Download Registrations and then clicking Print instead of Download File (opens a new tab with data arranged in a table that can be easily copied and pasted into Excel)
  1. Expand Registration Tools
  2. Click Download Registrations (BETA)
  • Note: An existing profile called All Fields (default) is automatically available - we do not recommend using this profile as some fields may be blank
  1. Click Build New Profile
  2. Select fields within left column to include in report (move them into right column using directional arrows), click Next > on right bottom corner
  • Note: To select all fields, click on top field (usually RegistrationID), hold down Shift key on keyboard, then scroll down and click last field listed
  1. Adjust Column Header Name and other fields if needed (descriptions appear at top of screen), click Next >
  2. Click boxes to apply filters to download profile, click Next >
  • Note: Leave boxes blank to download all categories
  1. (Optional) Select File Format (most users leave the field delimiter as comma)
  2. Name profile within Save profile as... field, click Next >
  3. (Optional) Apply date and/or record selections (leave this section blank to extract all registration data)
  4. (Optional) Select Options for this Download (most users leave this section as it is)
  5. (Optional) Delete your email address unless you wish to receive an email notification once download is complete
  6. Click Request Download
  7. A dialog box appears stating that download is processing
  8. Once complete, report appears within Recent Download Requests box -- click Download to export data into Excel