Below are instructions to perform non-monetary edits to existing registrations after logging into Registration Center.

Note: If you do not see Search/Edit Registrations under Registration Tools, please contact our support team to request access to this tool

1. Expand Registration Tools
2. Click Search/Edit Registrations
Note: By default, all registrations appear automatically
3. Perform a search for a participant using various fields and filters (or leave all fields blank to return all registrations), then click Search
Note: Perform a partial search (such as Last Name = "A") to return all registrations where participant's last name begins with letter A
4. Click VIEW/EDIT next to registration to adjust


5. Click Edit > to reach subsequent screen to apply changes to registration
6. Apply needed changes, click Next >
7. Subsequent screen displays updates applied within a table, click Next >


8. Click Save Changes on final screen of edit wizard to record changes


9. A message appears asking to confirm changes, click OK
10. A confirmation message appears, click << Search to return to Search/Edit Registrations

Note: Contact support to perform a partial refund or full refund on an existing registration