Below are instructions to edit the volunteer registration form after logging into Volunteer Module.

1. From the Vol. Home screen, click Defaults
2. Establish the following fields:

Note: The T-Shirt and Small String question values are configured using a Boolean data type - examples are included

- Template URL
- Set colors to match the look of your website (RGB Hex Value)
- Table Color 1
- Table Font 1
- Table Color 2
- Table Font 2


- Allow General Volunteers: Yes or No
- Enforce Job Limits For Groups: Yes or No
- Enforce Sign Up for ONLY non-Conflicting/non-Overlapping Jobs: Yes or No
- Default Display Jobs by: date, job, location
- Granularity of Start/End Times: hours, halves, quarters, fives, minutes, seconds
- T-Shirt Values (small^sm|medium^m|...)
- Required?: Yes or No
EXAMPLE: Small^S|Medium^M|Large^L|X-Large^XL|XX-Large^XXL|

- Ask this question to general volunteers? [checkbox]
- Small String Label 0-10
- Required?: Yes or No
- Small String Values 0-10 (disp0^value0|disp1^value1|...)
EXAMPLE: Configure a Yes/No question as Yes^Yes|No^No|

- Ask this question to general volunteers? [checkbox]
- Update all existing jobs? [checkbox]
Note: We recommend always checking this box to ensure the updates apply to all jobs
- Global E-mail Message
- Use Waiver? Yes or No
- Waiver
3. Click Save Defaults

Note: The screen will refresh with your updates saved, but no confirmation message appears