Below are instructions to enter offline registrants into your listing after logging into Registration Center.

Note: The Offline Registration tool allows administrators to input offline or mail-in registrations into a listing - these entries are free, however you must enter each entry manually
  1. Expand Registration Tools
  2. Click Offline Registration
Note: The Offline Registration screen will open into a new window or tab
  1. Select a Category
  2. Click Continue
  1. Enter offline participant information
  2. Within the Offline Registration Information box, establish the following selections:
  • Did you collect fees for this offline registration? (Yes or No)
  • If yes, in what form was the payment collected? (Check, Cash, Credit Card)
  • Amount of offline fees collected? (dollar amount)
  • Short description (short text field)
  1.  Click any of the following buttons
  • Save registration (recommended)
  • Save & start a new offline registration for the same category
  • Save & start a new offline registration for a different category
  1. The subsequent screen is either the Offline Registration Confirmation Page or another offline registration form
  2. Once you have entered all offline entries, close the window or tab

Note: Registrations cannot be deleted from RegCenter listings - if you submit an offline registration incorrectly, refer to the Edit Registrations article to make changes