After creating or copying an event, users may experience issues with listings - below are several examples:

- Event listing missing (not found) when searching
- Duplicate event listing shown when searching
- Incorrect information displayed on listing details page (or when searching
- Date shows correctly in RegCenter, but is incorrect on
- Name of event shows correctly in RegCenter, but is incorrect on
- Event information/details show correctly in RegCenter, but appear twice on on

Below are instructions to report such an issue to Registration Center support.

Note: The support team does not have the ability to fix such issues immediately - instead, support submits a request to the development team to address the problem

1. Visit the Contact Us form
2. Within the What's your question? field, enter the following:
- listing issue for Event Name(s)/Listing ID(s)
- Details of problem: [missing event, duplicate listing, incorrect information, etc.]
3. Click Send

Note: The majority of requests are handled by development within a few business days - the agent handling your request will communicate updates to you as progress is made