In order to login to most ACTIVE Network products, you must already have an ACTIVE Passport - please visit the applicable link below to register/create an account, login, or retrieve your password.

Register/Create Passport
Login with Existing Passport
Retrieve Password
ACTIVE-Passport-Join ACTIVE-Passport-Sign-In ACTIVE-Passport-Forgot

Below are instructions to login to Registration Center:

1. Navigate to (and bookmark)
2. Enter your ACTIVE Passport username (email address) and password
3. Click Login

If you have access to existing listings, you will reach the Registration Center Homepage screen as shown below.


If you are new to using ACTIVE Network Solutions for registration, you will not be able to setup in Registration Center. Instead you will be directed to for more information on our ACTIVE Works Endurance solution. If you manage events or activities in other markets (Communities, Faith, Team Sports, etc.), please visit to learn about our other solutions.