Below are instructions to reconcile your payments (checks) using Payment Summary on your listing after logging into Registration Center.

Note: You may use other reports or download registrations to reconcile payments, however Payment Summary is the easiest and most effective way to identify payments
Note: When immediately viewing Payment Summary, the amount shown within the Total Payment Revenue From field is the amount available on your listing at that exact time (this would be used as a reference if support is handling a refund request)

1. Expand Registration Reports
2. Click Payment Summary
Note: By default, the most current payment period will be selected
3. Select a Period from the drop-down list, then click Submit
EXAMPLE: 05/05/2014 00:00:00 - 05/18/2014 23:59:59
4. The first section, Payment Summary, will show the amount of the payment you will receive from ACTIVE
Note: Refer to the Total Payment Revenue From field
5. Review the other sections (below) for additional details, as needed
- Registration Summary
- Coupons/Discounts Summary
- Change Data Summary
- Balances Paid Summary
- Refund Summary