Below are instructions to request a coupon from support for your listing after logging into Registration Center.

Note: RegCenter administrators cannot setup coupons - support will setup coupons on your behalf
Note: User submitting coupon setup request must be an existing administrator on listing in question

1. Visit Contact Us form
2. Within What is your question? field, enter Create new coupon
3. Within Additional details about your question field, enter the following (as needed):
a. Event: Listing name and listing ID
b. Coupon Code: Code that participants enter in Cart to redeem appropriate discount
Note: Code requested must be 19 characters or less
Note: Each coupon code must be unique within RegCenter administrative system - we recommend requesting a specific code as opposed to a generic code
EXAMPLE: A code such as "Tri50" is likely already in use by another organization, however "MyRun2015Tri50" is likely available
c. Discount Amount: $ or % amount off
d. Start Date: Date use of coupon starts
e. Expiration Date: Date use of coupon ends
f. Limit: Limit of uses for this code
g. Limit per cart: How many per cart
h. Categories: Choose categories this code applies to
i. Combined: Can coupon be combined with other codes (can registrants use more than one coupon in a given cart)
4. Click Send

Note: After support has provided the code, we recommend performing a live test registration (to ensure discount applies properly) - but do not checkout
Note: Click here for instructions to create a multiple registration discount (such as 2nd child registration) that automatically applies to registrants' carts