Below are instructions to send a broadcast email to past participants from your listing after logging into Registration Center.

Note: There is also a tool called View/Email Registrants within the Registration Tools folder - although emails can be sent from this tool, we advise against doing so as there are limitations

1. Expand Registration Tools
2. Click Broadcast Email
Note: You will see any mailing profiles you have created within any RegCenter listing associated to your ACTIVE Passport (you cannot view other users' mailing profiles)
3. Click Create New Mailing
4. Click Include Filters to select which listings to include on the mailing
5. Highlight the listings (and categories within listings) to include, click Apply Include Filters >
6. The subsequent screen summarizes your selections - click the application button listed:
- << Compose Email to create your mailing
- < Back to return to the screen from step 5
- Select Addresses > to choose individual email addresses
Note: We do not recommend using this option - it will work as intended, but it is very time-consuming to include/exclude individual recipients
7. If needed, click Exclude Filters to select which listings to exclude from the mailing
a. Follow steps 5 and 6, but be sure to note that listings (and categories within listings) selected will be excluded
8. Enter From Address
Note: We recommend using a valid email address that you have access to - this way if recipients have questions they can contact you
Note: If you prefer not to include a valid email address, you may enter
9. Enter Email Subject
10. Enter Message Body
Note: Use a text cleaner if you copy and paste the message body from Word or another rich-text editing program
11. Enter optional Mail Profile Description
Note: We recommend always entering a Mail Profile Description and clicking Save and Send in case there are problems (such as registrants not receiving emails) so that you can re-send an email
12. Click Save and Send


13. The subsequent screen will show the status of your mailing (you do not need to remain on this screen), click < Back
14. You mailing will show under the Mailings Report section of the Broadcast Email tool