Below are instructions to set fundraiser defaults on your campaign after logging into ACTIVE Giving and selecting a campaign from the drop-down - doing so brings you to the My ActiveGiving HQ tab.

1. Within the My ActiveGiving Center box, click Fundraising Management
2. Click Set Fundraiser Defaults
3. Establish the following fields (all required unless otherwise noted):
a. Fundraising Page Details
i. Title
Note: To automatically substitute a fundraiser's information into the various fields (except the URL Prefix), use the following placeholder keys
<<fname>> = First Name
<<lname>> = Last Name
<<email>> = Email Address
ii. Tagline
iii. Welcome Message
Note: Use this field to introduce your cause, provide details on why you're raising money, as well as how donations benefit your cause and contributors
iv. URL Prefix
Note: URL prefix differentiates fundraising pages - for an ideal outcome, use less than 5 alphanumeric characters (placeholders will not work)
b. Set a Goal
i. Goal Amount
c. Display Options
i. Standard Display Formats
ii. Show Total Donations Collected
iii. Show Top 5 Contributors
iv. Show Links To Member Fundraisers
v. Show Top 5 Member Fundraisers
vi. Enhanced Display Formats
Note: All scrolling list displays are limited to the top 75 contributors, fundraisers, or teams.
vii. Display All Contributors as a Scrolling List
i. Order By (select one): Amount or Name
viii. Display All Member Fundraisers as a Scrolling List
i. Order By (select one): Amount or Name
d. Choose a Template
i. Classic, Design 1, Design 2, Design 3, Design 4
Note: GIF below quickly scrolls through all five options - we recommend saving your campaign with different templates to see which best meets your needs

e. Custom Welcome Email for New Fundraisers
Note: To automatically substitute fundraiser information into various fields (except the URL Prefix), use placeholder keys:
<<donform>> = The title of your campaign
<<fr_headquarters>> = Link to their campaign HQ
<<donlink>> = Link to your campaign page
<<frlink>> = Link to their fundraising page
<<fr_key>> = Their new fundraiser url key
<<df_key>> = Your campaign url key
i. General Welcome Email
ii. Team Captain Welcome Email
iii. Team Member Welcome Email
4. Click save & finish