Below are instructions to change the status of your listing by turning off registration for the entire listing or individual categories after logging into Registration Center.

Turn Off Registration (All Categories/Entire Listing)

1. Once you have selected your listing from the drop-down, you will reach the Listing Home screen
2. Select Online Registration is OFF
3. A message will appear confirming this action, click OK
4. The Listing Home screen will refresh

Note: This action closes the entire listing immediately - all categories are now closed to further online registrations


Note: When viewing the public details page you will see a message stating that Registration is closed in place of the Register Now button


Turn Off Registration (Specific Category)

1. Expand Registration Categories
2. Expand a particular Category folder
3. Click Price/Close Dates folder
4. The Categories Administration screen allows you to edit the category name, prices, and close dates

Note: Additional details are available within the Change Category Name, Price, Close Date article