Below are instructions to add a new volunteer using Volunteer Management after logging into Swim Manager.
  1. Click on the Volunteers tab
  2. Click on an Event Name (representing a Meet/Event)
  3. Click on the Volunteers tab
  4. Click the Add a volunteer button
  • Note: The Volunteer Management customer user interface opens into a new window - the default selection is all jobs, so a job must be selected under step 5
  • Note: If the screen is not visible, check for blocked pop-ups within the browser (always allow pop-ups from
  1. Check the box(es) for the job to register a volunteer for, click Register Now
  2. Within the Select Registrant section, select one of the following options under Register a new volunteer, but don't add them to my account
    1. Someone else, 18 or older
    2. Someone else under 18
    • Note: It is recommended to exclude the new volunteer from the organizer's so that the volunteer earns volunteer points
  3. Enter the volunteer's email address to search the system for an existing account, click Find Account
    1. If an account already exists and is found, the screen refreshes displaying the Participant Information section
    2. If the user is new or the email address does not exist yet, a message appears stating that the account cannot be found
      1. Click Continue without account to proceed to register a new volunteer (the screen will refresh and display the Participant Information section)
  4. Complete Participant Information, click Review
  5. On the Review & Submit screen, review the volunteer's information and selected jobs
  • Note: It is possible to add another volunteer to register, edit registration information, delete selected jobs, and add more jobs to the current volunteer from this screen
  1. Click Confirm and Submit
  2. A confirmation message appears showing the volunteer's registration information, click Go to Volunteer List to return to Swim Manager
    • Note: This action bring the organizer into Swim Manager within the pop-up window - an alternative option is to simply close the window