The Payments report pertains to payments made by families to the organization - this covers registration payments, add-on payments, miscellaneous fee orders, and balance payments (for recurring billing, monthly installment payments, etc.) Below are instructions to access and view the payments report after logging into Swim Manager.
  1. From the Organization Dashboard (Home tab), click on the Reports tab
  2. Within the Payments box, click on an available option
    1. Last 7 days
    2. Last 30 days
    3. Last 60 days
    4. All (the following example uses All as the selection)
  3. Select filters
    1. Order Type
      1. Registration Fees
      2. Entry Fees
      3. Miscellaneous Fees
    2. ​​​Status
      1. Unpaid
      2. Paid
      3. Processing
      4. Partial payment
      5. Payment failed
    3. Date
      1. All
      2. Last 7 days
      3. Last 30 days
      4. Last 60 days
  4. Click Apply
  5. Click Export to extract a CSV file (the default file name is Payments.csv)

The following fields are included on screen:
- Date
- Order number
Note: Click on an Order number to view the Order record screen
- Parent
- Description (includes program and transfer information, if applicable)
- Balance
- Status

The following fields are included in the export file:
- Order date
- Order number
- Parent
- Description
- Balance
- Payment status

Need help with payments from ACTIVE Network to your organization? View the Remittance Report article.