The process to add an additional license to your software is the same for Meet Manager for Swimming, Meet Manager for Track & Field, Team Manager for Swimming, and Team Manager for Track & Field.
  1. Open Meet Manager or Team Manager
  2. Go to File > License Management > Add License
  3. Choose Compact Disc or Specify drive and folder, depending on if you have an installation CD for the new license, or the actual license-file

Note: Only Meet Manger for Swimming 7.0 has the ability to specify a specific drive and folder, all other products must add a license via a CD

User-added image

  1. If installing from a CD, insert it into the CD drive and cancel the install process if it starts, then click OK
  2. If installing from a license-file, navigate to the location of the file on your computer, then click Open
  3. When prompted to add license (display license name), click Yes
  4. License appears as an available license - make license active by selecting it, click Change Active License
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Note: Added licenses must be for the same version of the software as you want to add the license to
EXAMPLE: Add a Meet Manager 4 license to MM 4, but not to MM 5