Note: You will need to use a text editor to modify the DQ codes for Meet Manager. Notepad is a free program that is included with Windows and can be used for this purpose. 
Note:  The custom DQ codes in Meet Manager  by default are the codes used for USA Swimming.
  1. Open folder C:/Hy-Sport/SwMM6
  2. Locate file dqcodesCustom.txt
  3. Right-Click on file name and select rename
  4. Change name of file to dqcodesCustomOLD.txt
  • Note: This will preserve your DQ codes if you ever need to use them for a different meet
  1. Double - click dqcodesCustomOLD.txt
  • Note: This opens the file using your default text editor 
  1. Change codes as needed ​
  • Note: First digit of code represent the stroke: 1 for butterfly, 2 for back etc. 
  • Note: 7P and 7Q should not be changed. These are for Declared False Start and Did not Finish
  1. Save file as dqcodesCustom.txt  in C:/Hy-Sport/SwMM6