When using Windows version 7 or later, users can get an error when creating a PDF export from a report. This error is caused by Times New Roman fonts in Windows being incompatible with Crystal Reports.

Download and install this optional Windows Update to address this issue:


If still unresolved:

Nitro  has a free PDF reader that will work around this compatibility issue.
  1. Install Nitro on your computer
  • Note: It should show as a printer option
  1. In Hy-Tek software, Create Report
  2. Click the Print icon 
User-added image
  • Note: Meet Manager has two printer icons (one on topmost toolbar and one on second toolbar - select lower of the two)
  1. Select the Nitro PDF Creator (Reader 3) and select Print
  • Note: You will be given option to choose what to name and where to save file
  • Note: Other free PDF readers and PDF creator software options are available
  • Note: If this solution does not work on Meet Manager for Swimming 6.0, see PDF Export Report Error - Windows 8.1 (SWMM5)