Below are instructions to setup prices and billing options for a program after logging into Swim Manager and proceeding through adding groups to season programs or sessions to lesson/clinic programs within the program setup process.
  1. Within the Prices & billing options section, the default selection is to apply recurring billing or a pay in full option to all groups or sessions
    1. Recurring billing: Enter a dollar amount split into multiple payments processed monthly or quarterly
    2. Pay in full: Enter a dollar amount for athletes to pay in full
    • Note: Based on the selections applied, the amount per installment will update dynamically (displayed in grey)
    • Note: Recurring Billing has been replaced with Payment Plans. See related article for details - Setup Payment Plan
  2. Click Advanced options for additional billing types and settings (optional)
  3. Within the Billing types section, select the following options:
    1. Pay in full
    • Note: Uncheck to remove this option
    1. Recurring billing
  • Note: Uncheck to remove this option
  • Recurring billing schedule (1st of every month or 15th of every month)
  • Send registrants an email notification 1, 2, 5, 7, or 14  days in advance of billing
  • Collect first payment at time of registration
  1. Within the Billing settings section, select the following option:
    1. Same billing settings for all groups
    • Note: Uncheck this box to change billing options for each group or session
  2. Within the Payment options section, select the following options (optional):
    1. Proration: Prorate the price when athletes register after the season start date
    • EXAMPLE (No Proration): A swimmer registers half-way through the monthly payment period - without proration, the athlete pays the entire monthly amount due for that period, and then the entire next monthly amount due when the subsequent payment date is reached
    • EXAMPLE (Proration): A swimmer registers half-way through the monthly payment period - with proration, the athlete only pays half of the monthly amount due for that period
    1. Offline payments: Give registrants the option to pay in-person
    • Note: Checking this box displays a new field to enter offline payment instructions displayed to registrants (optional)
  3. Within the Volunteer buyout section, enter an amount that families may pay to buyout of volunteer duties
  • Note: This option only applies to Season program Groups
  1. Click Save & continue to proceed to discounts and fees