Emails can be created as drafts to be used later, sent immediately, or even scheduled to be sent at a future date and time. Tags are also available for easy tracking. Below are instructions to create a new email to send to past or current participants after logging into Swim Manager.

1. On Organization Dashboard (Home), go to:
COMMUNICATIONS tab > Create an email button
VOLUNTEERS tab > a meet/event > Email reminder link
ATTENDANCE tab > Session schedule > Calendar view > Day tab > a scheduled session > Email link

2. Fill out required Email information

3. Provide email subject (required)

4. Click From >  icon to edit sender name and reply email address
Note: Default name is based on Organization Name found within Account > Organization > Main contact
5. Email feature now uses fixed From email address to ensure emails aren't bounced from main service provider
6. Type email addresses manually (separated by commas) or click Add to choose recipients within To box - when Add is clicked, multiple options are available
a. All contacts
b. Primary contacts
c. Swimmers
d. Past Due
e. Balance Owed
f. Custom filter for participants...
g. Select from saved lists...
i. Import CSV

7. Remove recipients using Email Recipients Filter

8. Add Description for internal reference only (required)

9. Click Continue to go to Design Tab

10. Use an existing email template or create a new one
11. Click Continue to go to Preview & Send tab

12. Select Schedule Delivery
  • Now
  • Later
13. Click Send
Users may click Back or Save as draft instead. Back is to go back to Design tab and Save as draft is used to save the message in the current state to complete later.
The subsequent screen reached is the Communications tab from step 1 of this process. Organizers may view the sent message along with several other options, including a delivery report.