Follow the steps below to create a payment plan in Swim Manager
  1. On the Home Page select a Program
    • Note: To edit program you can click on the Program Name or the Action Button and select Manage Program
  2. Click on Prices and Billing
  3. Select options under Price & Billing Options and All Groups section for the program
    • ​Note: Payment Plans are not available if Customer must pay in full in order to check out is selected
  4. Click on New Plan
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  1. Define number of installments for payment plan
    • Note: Maximum of 12 Installments can be created
  2. Set Installment due dates
    • ​​Note: Date must occur after registration date
    • Note: Payment dates can be defined at any frequency needed.
      • Example: 1st of the month, 5th every two months, Last Friday of the Month
    • Note: Changes can be made to the Schedule, but only apply to new registrations
  3. Set Automatic Billing option
    • ​​Note: Athletes will need to enter a credit card number during registration if the Required option is selected
  4. Click Save Payment Plan
    • ​​Note: Multiple Payment Plans can be created for each program