Most computers do not have built-in serial ports, and most timing consoles connect with Meet Manager using a 9-pin serial cable. Typically, this means that a USB to Serial Adapter is needed to plug into a USB Port on the Meet Manager computer, and Windows must also assign a com port number to the adapter (this is the port used in Meet Manager).

USB to Serial adapters often require the installation of a driver (provided in the CD accompanying the adapter, also often available on the manufacturer's website). Some less expensive adapters use generic drivers that don't always work well on the newer versions of Windows. Below are a few adapters that provide their own drivers and work well on all current versions of Windows.

1. Keyspan 19-HS
a. Works well with CTS consoles
2. Moxa Uport 1110
a. Works well with any timing console
b. Visit for more information

A much faster adapter that transfers data at up to 12 MB's per second (the Keyspan adapter transfers data at a rate of up to 230 KB's per second). As such, the Moxa adapter is much more expensive.

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