Below are instructions to view summary and detailed lists of paid and/or unpaid meet entry fees for a selected time period after logging into Swim Manager.
  1. Click on the Reports tab
  2. Within the Meet Entry Fees box, click All
  3. Select specific Meet
  4. Click Continue
  5. This report shows the following information for each swimmer.
    1. Name
    2. Age
    3. Number of Individual Entries
    4. Fee for those entries
    5. Number of Relay Entries
    6. Total IE Fee + Surcharge
  6. To export report, click on Export drop down menu
  7. Choose from available options
    1. XML file with report data
    2. CSV (comma delimited)
    3. PDF
    4. MHTML (web archive)
    5. Excel
    6. TIFF file
    7. Word