Organizations often have funds set aside or given to players for Scholarships. Below are the ways to accept payment for scholarship players.

Option 1: Player is in Manage Payments - Edit Financials

If a parent has completed registration and the player is in manage payment options you will need to accept payment and then alter player financials
Note: If you wish to have the parent pay by card or use a coupon code before paying by check as opposed to editing financials, see option 2

  1. Accept Missing Payment for player to receive scholarship
  2. Once payment has been accepted, Manage Player Information under PEOPLE > PLAYERS > Manage Player Information
  3. Under player registration history, locate current season registration 
  4. Click View Transaction
  5. Click Add Financial
  6. Adjust payment in Adjustment column so New Balance column becomes zero
  • Note: To subtract amount in adjustment colum enter amount in )'s
  • Example: To remove $65.00 from Check collection area, you would enter (65) in adjustment column next to Check
  1.  Add payment amount into Scholarship area
  2. Click Add
  • Optional: Add Note to adjustment such as "Scholarship" for recording purposes

Option 2: Player is in Manage Payments - Cancel Registration and give coupon code

​If a parent has completed registration, the player is in manage payments and an organization wants to give the parent a coupon code, use the Cancel A Player Payment to cancel the registration so the parent may re-register.

Option 3: Parent has not registered or completed payment

If a parent has not completed payment or registration, you may Create a Coupon to give the parent when registering