A league organizer may add links to their league's social media via the social media widget. Below are instructions to add a registration button after logging into SiteBuilder.

1. Click + New
Note: located in areas highlighted by blue semi-lined outline
2. Under Create New Widget > Select Social Networking
3. (Optional) Edit widget's name in Name: text box
4. Edit Social Networking parameters
a. Name - widget name as appears on website
b. Style - toggles widget's layout between horizontal and vertical
c. Links - changes display order of social media links
d. Display - allows social media link to appear on website
e. Name - social media link's name
f. Address - website address to league's social media page
g. Icon - changes icon of social media link
Note: Can be changed by clicking on image
h. Introduction Message - description of social media widget as appears on website
5. Click Publish
Note: Will save changes live