Miscellaneous fees ("misc fees") are used to create a custom fee question that may be associated to programs. Misc fees should be used as supplemental costs incurred by families when registering - each misc fee may be set as a fixed amount or a list of choices. Some examples are additional merchandise purchases, fundraising buyouts, and prior registration discounts. Below are instructions to add a fee with a List of Choices under miscellaneous fees for the organization after logging into LeagueOne.
  1. Navigate to Programs > Manage Registration > Online Registration Setup
  2. View the Organization
  3. Click Misc. Fees under Fees and Discounts section
  4. Click New to create a new misc fee
  5. Enter Name for Misc. Fee
    1. Select List of Choices for Rule Type
      • ​​List of Choices
        1. ​​Under Fee Choices select “Add Option
        2. Enter Display Value and Amount type
          • Note: Display value displays name of fee option
          • Note: Amount displays amount charged for display value
        3. Click Accept to add display value to fee
        4. Click Ok
      • Fixed Amount
        1. ​​Enter Fixed Amount
  6. Enter Question to be displayed
  7. Enter Billing Label
  8. Choose Save display value to config field option:
    1. Do Not Save: Does not save to config. field list
    2. Config#: Saves to header on registration report
  9. (OPTIONAL): Check “Once Per Cart Per Season” to be able to use this misc. fee only once per cart
  10. Click Save to add misc. fee to Organization