Below are instructions to associate an existing document created for the organization to a program after logging into LeagueOne.
1. Navigate to Programs > Online Registration Setup
2. Set program search parameters 
3. Highlight program name for which you wish to associate existing documents to a program, click Edit
4. Under Programs Tab > Registration Setup > Documents
5. Click Add to view Create New Document (opens into new window)
6. Select Add an Existing Document within the Add Document section
7. Select a document from the Document Name drop-down
Note: The optional description and URL will automatically populate, if applicable
8. Select Document Delivery method
a. Program Administrator
b. Coach
c. Pre-Course Material
9. (Optional) Select Override Organization settings for delivery method if document is to  be turned in other than default method
10. Select Yes or No to Prevent player team assignment until received
11. Select Yes or No for Only applies to new players
12. Select Yes or No for Only needed once a year
13. Check the Add Program Specific Text box to include additional instructions for registrants
14. Click OK to return to manage program documents
15. Click Save or Save and Continue to proceed to policies