Below are instructions to update the division and/or age group on a player's registration after logging into LeagueOne.
1. Go to PEOPLE > PLAYERS > Manage Player Information 
2. Use available fields to locate player
a. Last Name
b. First Name
c. Member Id
d. OrgID (the default is the current organization ID)
  • Note: To perform partial search, enter alphanumeric characters followed by wildcard (percentage symbol) -- % -- or enter first and last name
  • EXAMPLE: Searching first name of mi% returns players with first name starting with "mi" (Michael, Michelle, Mike, etc.)
3. Click Find
4. Click player Last Name to view Person Maintenance record
5. Click View Transaction beside year or session (Spring 2016, Summer 2014 - 2015, etc.) to view Maintain Registration screen
6. Change selection from Division and/or Age Group drop-down menus
7. Click Update
  • Note: You may only adjust the Division and/or Age Group if player has not yet been assigned to team (field is greyed out)
  • Note: Some Governing Bodies restrict changing these fields - if these fields are greyed out for your organizations but players are not assigned to teams, contact your Governing Body hierarchy for assistance
  • Note: Changing division of a player will not change registered program