Use Configure Merged Age Groups to allow age groups to play together (and be assigned to teams together). Merging age groups makes it easy to form teams while still maintaining the ability to track players in their true age group. Below are example scenarios:
a. Same Gender: U11 and U12 boys playing together
b. Mixed: U06 boys and U06 girls playing together
c. Both: U06 boys, U06 girls, U05 boys and U05 girls playing together

Below are instructions to access the Age Group Merge screen and create a new age group merge (or delete an existing merge) after Logging into LeagueOne.
  1. Go to ADMIN > Configure Settings > Configure Merged Age Groups
  2. Click Add to create a new merge
  3. Within the New Age Group Merger screen, specify:
a. Division
b. Master Age Group: The oldest age group of those merged (if mixed, choose boys' age group)
  • EXAMPLE: Select U12B when U11B and U12B are combined
  • EXAMPLE: Select U6B when U6B and U6G are combined
  • Note: Teams are formed using the master age group
c. Merged Age Group: The age group that is being folded into the Master Age Group
  • Example: Select U11B when U11B and U12B are combined
  • Note: For mixed age groups, always make the boys age group the master age group and the girls age group the merged age group
  1. Click Add to continue and the Age Group Merge will be recorded
  2. To delete an age group merge, click Delete next to that record
  • Note: Deleting an existing age group merge does not automatically adjust all merged players to the original value
  • Note: The Configure Merged Age Groups tool was designed according to US Youth Soccer rules (below), but can be used by clubs under most Governing Bodies
  • Younger age groups should be merged into the oldest age group.
  • Girls age groups should be merged into boys age groups when playing mixed.

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