A league organizer may create custom reports to pull specified information from LeagueOne. Below are instructions to create a custom report after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Navigate to Reports > Report Center
2. Click Custom Reports tab
3. Click New
4. Under Report Name > enter report's name in Name text box
5. Enter report's description in Description text box
6. Under Report Type > Select information to be pulled
a. Registration and Roster Report - pulls information  from player's registration
b. Certification Report - pulls information on licenses and certifications
Note: Only available to some national governing body
7. Under Date Range > Select dates to pull information from
Note: Set to registration range
7. Under Program Details > Select program filters
8. Under Report Result > Select export type
a. Online View - view report in LeagueOne
b. CSV - downloads report as a CSV
c. PDF - download report as PDF
9. (Optional) Check Notify me through email when the report is ready?
10. Enter email address
Note: Only beneficial when running large data reports
11. Click Next
12. Under Report Fields > Select fields to run in report
13. Click right facing arrow to add field
14. Click Next
15. Under Field Names and Filters > Add filters to limit pulled data
16. (Optional) Under Visibility Check Share the report with to allow other users to run report
17. Click Save & Run Report