Payment plan schedules are used to create one or more installments to break up the cost of registration - this allows families to pay a portion of the fee up front, and subsequent installment payments later. Below are instructions to create a new payment plan.

Note: Payment Plans must be created for each program and cannot be copied from season to season

1. Navigate to Administration > Manage Registration > Online Registration Setup
2. Select Program from Program List
3. Click Payment Plans from Program Setup
4. Click New
5. From Configure Payment Plan screen, enter payment plan details (see example below)
a. Plan Description: Payment plan name. All payment plans must have unique names
Note: Plan Description must contain at least 20 characters - we recommend including dates and amounts ($ or %) of installment payments
b. Included fees: Checking a fee box divides that fee (or discount) among separate payment plans. Leaving these unchecked means they will be paid with initial payment.
c. Additional Registration Fee To Assess: Any additional fees to be included in plan.
d. Add Payment: Add additional installment payments
e. Date: Enter date when each payment will automatically charged participant.
Note: Number of dates should equal the number of payments entered above
f. Percentage: Total installment payments must total 100%
g. Pass on OLR Fee: Passes processing fees (charged by ACTIVE) to participant
Note: Fee is passed on regardless of whether or not there is an amount entered in Fees and Discounts
h. Delete: Remove a payment from the plan
6. Click Save

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Note: If a player registers after the first installment, they will be charged for prior installments as of that date.
Example: Installments are on 2/1, 3/1 and 4/1. If a parent registers on 2/1 they are charged only the first installment. A registration on 3/5 would charge for the first two installments leaving one installment on 4/1.