Registration reminders can be used to run a list or send an email to parents who registered for a previous season but have no yet registered for the current season.
  1. Go to Communications > Create Contact List
  2. Click “Add”
  3. Select Registration Reminders
  4. Select desired season settings
Example: To see Spring 2016 registrants vs Spring 2017 registrants you would use the below settings:
User-added image
  1. Select List Type
    1. Email addresses- List of only email addresses
    2. Mail Addresses- List of only mailing addresses
    3. Contact List- Full parent information list 
  2. Select recipients to include
  • Note: This section will not appear if Email Adresses is selected in Step 5
    1. All Recipients- Include only recipients with or without email addresses
    2. Recipients With Email Addresses- Include only recipients with email addresses
    3. Recipients Without Email Addresses- Include only recipients without email addresses
    4. Address to- How the email will be adressed in the body being sent out
    • Note: This option will only appear if Mail Addresses is selected
    • Example: Email will be addressed "Hello Smith Family" when "(Last Name) Family" is selected
  1. Select Output format
    1. Display results- Online only results file
    2. Comma Separated Value (CSV) File-  Exports to CSV (Excel) file
      • Note: This section will only appear if Mailing Addresses is selected in Step 5
  2. Click Retrieve List