The Standings Profile edit page allows you to configure the selected standings profile to fit a schedules exact standings needs.

1. Go to Scheduler > Schedule Management
2. Select Standings Profiles
3. Select profile you wish to edit


  • Name - Profile name. The name is displayed in all Standings Profile dropdown list
  • Description - Profile description
  • Created - Date and time the profile was created as well as the name of the administrator who created the profile. The creation date cannot  be changed
  • Modified - Date and time the profile was modified as well as the name of the administrator who last modified the profile

Points Calculation

  • The points calculation area allows you to define the points assigned to a Win, Loss, Tie and Shutout. The point values will be used in the standings calculation to determine the top team in the standings. The calculation used is: (Points for WIN * Wins) + (Points for LOSS * Losses) + (Points for TIE * Ties) + (Points for SHUTOUT * Shutouts). 
  • The four input boxes accept the values 0-999, both positive and negative numbers

Tie Breaker Calculation

  • The Tie breaker calculations area is used to resolve "Ties" (point ties) in the standings. The Tie Breaking calculation and order are configured in this section
  • To define the calculations used and the order of the calculations, select one “Tie Breaker Option” at a time and press the “Include->” button. This will place the option on the “Tie Breaker Selection” area
  • To reorder the “Tie Breaker Selection” area, select an option fro the list and press the “Up” or “Down” keys to move the option up or down
  • To remove an option from the “Tie Breaker Selection” area, select the option and press the “<-Remove” button

Standings Display

  • The Standings Display area allows you to define which standings columns will be displayed on the public Schedules, Scores & Standings page as well as the “Standings” tab on the schedule Management page 
  • The Display Name of the column can be changed be replacing the name in the Display Name edit box 

Press the “Update” button to save all changes on the page.