"This Program is Required to Use the Force Age Groups Setting" error occurs whenever the Force Age Groups check box has been unchecked and is required by a National Governing Body. If you would like this feature disabled and are receiving this error, please contact your National Governing Body. Below are instructions on how to enable Force Age Groups after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Navigate to Programs > Manage Registrations > Online Registration Setup
2. Click on the program you wish to edit
  • Note: If you can not see program set Status to All and click Search
3. Click Edit
4. Next to Advanced Features click the blue arrow
5. Under Age Groups check Force Age Groups
  • Note: Force Age Group can not be checked for event type programs
  • Note: If experiencing error with event type program contact LeagueOne Support
6. Select the desired age group next to Force Age Groups field
7. Click Save