Below are instructions to complete the Fees & Discounts screen, found within the process of creating or editing programs after logging into LeagueOne and proceeding through open and close age groups.
  1. Check boxes next to available accepted payment methods
    1. Credit Card
    2. Check
    • Note: Enabling check payments allows registrants to pay at a later date. These payments may be managed/accepted in the Check Payment Management screen under the Players tab
          c. eCheck
  2. Review ACTIVE Network Fees to confirm fees agreed to as part of your contract with ACTIVE Network
  3. Under Processing Fee > Choose method of passing on processing fee
    1. Processing Fee by Amount - Specified amount passed on
    2. Processing Fee by Percentage - Percentage of processing fee to be passed
  • Note: Different fees may be passed on for each payment method
  1. Select a Family Discount Rule to use on program
  2. Expand Advanced Features to view additional options
  3. Check Pay Now - Used to allow families to pay balances using a Credit Card after choosing Pay by Check
  4. Select up to five Miscellaneous Fees
  5. Click Save and Continue to proceed to payment plans