In some situations, the beginning and ending balances found within the Reconciliation Report are off due to Check Fees being carried over from a past period. The Reconciliation Report automatically calculates fees collected online via Credit Card and deducts Check Fees (as well as adjustments) to keep a running total. If your report is off, we recommend using the following formula to confirm the amount you should be paid.

1. Calculation: Proceeds From Credit/Debit Cards - Check Fees +/- Adjustments
a. Amount should match payment in subsequent period (Payments From LeagueOne To Club field)
2. If calculation does not match amount paid, contact support
a. Visit Email Us form
b. Enter name, organization, and program details
c. Enter Reconciliation Discrepancy in What is your question field
d. Enter details of situation in Additional details about your question field
e. Click Send