Use Maintain Club Information to edit the club's default information related to administrative tasks (manually registering players, managing staff, etc.). Entering in the default values helps to save time and streamline your registration process. Below are instructions to edit or adjust fields on this screen after logging into LeagueOne.

Click here to manage organization setup (contact information, payment information, and welcome page)

1. Go to Administration > Configure Settings > Maintain Club Information
2. Complete changes
3. Click Update
  • Note: The Configurable Field (Configs) defaults will either be blank or set as "New Question #" (such as New Question 12) if your club is setup through implementation - when adding questions later, we highly recommend updating these default values so that [1] registration details and [2] reports are easier to read
Below are common fields accessible from Maintain Club Information for most organizations:
- Area Code
- State
- City
- Zip Code
- Default Season
- Configurable Fields 1-36
- Includes PreFill options for all configs (used for sibling registrations)
- Includes Display config options (to hide or show questions to other organizers)
- Display Medical Fields
- Display Insurance Fields
- Display Uniform Fields
- Display Fee And Collection Section
- Display Late Fee Field
- Display Uniform Fee Field
- Display Volunteer Fee Field
- Display Misc Fees 1-5
- Display Family Discount Field
- Display Early Bird Discount Field
- Display Check Collection Fields
- Display Charge Collection Fields
- Display Scholarship Collection Field
- Display Other Collection Field
- Display Collection Notes Field
- Grade Level Support
- Allow State Registrar To Register Players
- Default Fee
  • Note: The URL must be a custom or full domain address (such as - subdomains or child pages will not work (
- Roster Email Subject
- Roster Email Message
- Prevent Duplicate Disclosure Reminder Email Per Staff
- Disclosure Reminder Email Subject
- Disclosure Reminder Email Message