Below are details of the Fees and Collections section of the manage registration screen.

1. Locate player in PEOPLE > Manage Player Information
2. Under players registration history click View Transaction for season you wish to edit

The Fees and Collections section displays all of the Financial Transactions that have occurred for the registration in a table that allows you to easily see totals as well as the detail that makes up the totals. There are two main sections:

  • Fees: The specific fees (Registration, Late Fee, Uniform, etc.) and discounts (Family, Early Bird) that were assessed for this registration
  • Collections: The amounts collected on this registration

Entries are added to the Fees And Collection automatically during registration, check receipt, and when installment payments are processed on payment plans. You may also manually add entries by pressing the Add Financial button. You may increase or decrease a fee by entering a positive or negative amount through the Add Financial Transaction screen. You cannot delete an entry, but you can enter a negative amount in an additional entry to decrease the balance. Deleting entries is not allowed because some entries are used to track money that is owed by ACTIVE Network to your organization.

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Below are examples of transactions that you might process by pressing the Add Financial button:
  • Add a $50 uniform fee and payment by check at the same time: Enter $50 in the Uniform fee, $50 in the Check collection field, optionally enter the check number and a note
  • Record a $25 scholarship to decrease what is owed: Enter $25 in the Scholarship collection field and an optional note Add a $25 family discount: Enter $25 in the Family Discount field and optionally a note
  • The Registration fee was incorrectly charged and is $10 too high: Enter -$10 in the Registration fee (or 10) and optionally a note