A league administrator may add or remove background checks to a staff member's account. Below are instructions for adding background checks to a staff member's Staff Maintenance page after logging into LeagueOne.
  1. Navigate to PEOPLE > STAFF > Manage Staff Information
  2. Type in staff member's first name under First Name: field
  3. Type in staff member's last name under Last Name: field
  4. Click Find
  5. Click on the staff member's last name in blue under Last Name
  6. Click Add Bkg
  7. Enter background check entry date in Background Check Date: field
  8. Enter background check expiration date in Expiration Date: field
  9. Choose background check status under Passed?: drop-down
  10. (Optional) enter comments under Comments:
  11. Click Add
  • Note: Failed background checks only viewable by governing body
  • Note: If background check has previously failed, the failed background check must be deleted before another can be added