Document manager is used to manage the documents available to families during the registration process - these documents must subsequently be turned into the organization before the player is allowed to [1] complete registration, or [2] participate. Examples of required documents are birth certificates, player contracts, and volunteer contracts for parents. Documents may also have a delivery method established to aid the registrar with collection. Below are instructions to manage required documents for the organization after logging into LeagueOne.

1. View Organization tab within Online Registration Setup
2. Click Documents
3. Click Document Manager
4. Check boxes next to applicable Document Delivery methods
a. By Email
b. By Mail
c. By Fax
d. By Upload
5. Click New to create a new document
6. Highlight an existing document, click Edit to make adjustments
7. Highlight an existing document, click Delete to remove
  • Note: Documents cannot be removed once used in programs/registrations
8. Click Save and Continue to proceed to Policies
  • Note: Upload will be unchecked by default and must be checked to enable document upload

Click here to learn about associating documents to programs